The instructions are included with our starter kits. The following write up will help you to clarify  certain problems
you may encounter during the refilling process. You are advised to read the article "INs and OUTs" of inkjet cartridge refilling.
to have some idea about the working process of inkjet cartridges.

    There are two types of cartridges, the cartridges  with an absorbing foam and the cartridges which are simply a bag
with a  pressure bladder ( to equilibrate the pressure inside the bag). Some cartridges have the print head and some do not
have a print head. All the Epson and most of Canon cartridges do not have the print head while all the Lexmark and the great
majority of HP cartridges have the print head attached to the cartridges.


Few advices before refilling your cartridges.

a. Cartridges without print head, the processus is very simple, refer to the instructions included with our starter kits.

b. Cartridges with print head, if they have been removed from the printer for some time, the print head is most likely 
blocked  by dried ink. Take a paper napkin, moisten with some water and  gently but firmly press the print head against
the paper, you should see the "ink marks" as shown in the picture below . For the color cartridges, you should see cleraly
3 colors. If you see nothing on the paper, most likely the nozzles are clogged, see the article"Ins"& "outs"to unclog the nozzles.
If you do not succeed, it advisable that you bring the cartridges to our office. Our technician will help you to unclog the nozzles for you. 

ink marks